Must-have apps for the Holidays

Must-Have Apps for a the Holiday Season

The holiday season is right around the corner and the pressure is mounting to find the perfect gift, whip the budget into shape, track our shopping lists and save, save, save!  Follow Santa’s progress from the North Pole, hunt for bargains and organize yourself into a wonderful stress-free season!

The Christmas List

Make a list of all the people you need to purchase a gift for, establish a budget, and track your progress from purchasing the perfect gift to wrapping presents that are a hit

Santa’s List – Christmas Gift Organizer

This is another good holiday shopping assistant that lets you create shopping lists accompanied by pictures  of each product. You can also create your own wish list and share it via e-mail with friends and family

Sale Sorter

This app will change the way you shop and bargain hunt. Enter the list of your favorite retail stores and browse the sales that are happening near you in real time. Never miss a special store promotion; this fun and easy-to-navigate app tracks them for you

Red Laser Barcode Scanner

Comparison shopping at its best. Scan the barcode of items you would like to purchase for the holidays at any store and compare the price against many retailers to find out what store or online retailer offers the best price.  A huge time and money saver for the Holidays and all year long.

Where is Santa Lite

Delight your children! Follow Santa’s location on the radar and get an up-to-the-minute progress report. You can add your location and get  Santa’s ETA through a countdown timer. Track Santa’s every move on Christmas Eve and witness the joy and happiness that unfolds.


Do you have a favorite go-to app to boost the savings and make your holiday season more fun and organized? Please share it with us!

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Ok it is not specifically a christmas app but I really love Evernote. It organizes absolutely everything in your life and includes a web clipper and syncs with all your devices. You can organise your gift ideas, lists, shopping lists, recipes and important emails all in a very clear and concise way in one place. It can even work offline if you are not connected to the internet. It is free with a monthly limit but I find that is more than plenty.

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